How will I know if someone has viewed my blog?

How will I know if someone has viewed my blog

How will I know if someone has viewed my blog?

If you mean to know the individuals reading your blog, that is not possible.

There even is no way to know if people are reading it at all. You can only see how many people have visited your blog and how much time they have approx. spent time in it. The way to do that is by using Google Analytics. It gives many useful statistics and reports about your blog and website.

It is a completely free tool from Google that will help you analyze your blog’s traffic and how your visitors interact with your content.

This tool gives you traffic information such as visitor counts, new visitors, traffic source, and other information. You can also break the stats down by day, week, month, or custom date range.

  1. Where your visitors are coming from
  2. What they do upon landing on your site
  3. How successful your content is in engaging your visitors
  4. How long they spend on your WordPress blog
  5. How you obtained your visitors
  6. The geographic location of your traffic


The tracking system collects statistical data down to every click from you’re visitor’s traffic. Basically, in summary the information that’s being collected from visitors will be basic stats, such as the number of unique visitors you had visit your site in the last 24 hours, and the countries their coming from.

This will allow you to better target your audience and to see what improvements you need to make to your site to better fit your audience. (Tips: keep in mind, by tracking unique visitors over a long period of time, you’ll be able to derive important ROI (return on investment) I did some research on a few and decided to go with Google analytic.

Here I’ll show you the steps I took on creating my Google Analytic Account to setup my tracking code, and how to understand your Google Dashboard.


In My view the best way of knowing viewers is Goggle analytics.

Besides, a lots of alternative tools are available.

These are:

  • Woopra
  • GoSquared
  • Heap
  • StatCounter
  • FoxMetrics
  • Mixpanel


All the marketers have to track the visitor’s behavior so that they can take the step on the activities of the users. By using the tracker, one has to know about geographical area of the users. One can also know about the quality of the content. It also express the bouncing rate


I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!