The most interesting features of Gmail.

The most interesting features of Gmail.

The most interesting features of Gmail.

There are different amazing features in Gmail, let me introduce you to the top 5, including my all-time favorite.

  1. Email Scheduling -

Let’s start up top with the newest addition: You can now schedule emails to be sent tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, or whenever you like, something Google says is intended to “be considerate of everyone’s downtime”—it’s not available in to every user yet, but if you’ve got the update, you’ll see a drop-down menu next to the Send button.

  1. Dragging Emails between tabs

   If you’ve got Gmail on the web set up with separate tabs or categories on screen (like Primary, Social and Updates), did you know you can drag conversation threads        between them to Re-categorize your messages? Even better, Gmail will then ask you if you want to treat all emails from the same sender in the same way in the future,  saving you time.

  1. Using Gmail offline

The way that offline Gmail works has changed down the years, but right now you can type “” into a Chrome tab to get at a cached version of your inbox even when there’s no connectivity. You do have to enable the feature under the Offline tab of Gmail’s settings on the web first though, and you can choose how much email gets synced locally.

  1. MY FAV. Smart compose, which composes the email for you.

Overall, I’d say that Gmail is very user-friendly, flexible and offers lots of cool features. I hope my answer helped you.