What is the average blog post length?

What is the average blog post length

What is the average blog post length?

Generally speaking there is no set length, nor should there be. With that said, there are two types of blogs in my perspective with respect to traditional "written" content. There is your traditional blog and there is your micro blog.

All the “foolproof” analyses assume that there is a fixed blog word count preferred by Google. It might vary depending on the industry or post type, but there’s always an optimal average you can compare ourselves to. According to some research:


  • The inbound marketing guru, Hubspot, wants us to believe that ideal blog posts should have 2,100–2,400 words.
  • Neil Patelclaims the optimal length depends on our industry and his estimates vary between 1,100 and 2,700.
  • Backlinkoanalyzed 11.8 million search results and came back with a definitive answer: “the average Google first page result contains 1,447 words.”

However, if you want a real answer to "how long should a blog post be", you need a careful analysis of the SERP for a given keyword.


However, the convention (somewhat backed by some research studies) show the ideal lengths to be:-

- the ideal tweet is 100 characters
- the ideal Facebook status update is 40 characters
- the ideal Google+ headline is up to 60 characters

- the ideal domain name is 8 characters
- the ideal email subject line is 28 to 39 characters

- the ideal headline is 6 words (any length each)
- the ideal title tag is 55 characters
- the ideal blog post is 1,600 words (or roughly 7 minutes of reading time)

Many “expert” bloggers perpetuate the parable that “shorter is healthier,” that blog posts should never be over 600 words long.

And some expert say that its -

Depends on the industry you are targeting or writing for. If your prime concern is too rank for keywords on Google, i would recommend to do a competition analysis, ie, google the same exact keyword you are writing for and check probably the top 10 results. That is exactly the average word count for a blog post. Also, it doesn't always mean that longer is better. There can be instances where you can provide a much better value with 1000 words than a 3000 word article from your competitors. This is when Google decides to rank you Higher up the ladder. I would recommend that you write articles based on the context. If it's a tutorial, go in depth of each and every step that would help your audience to master it. 1k to 2k is somewhat a decent word count.


The traditional blog which is standard form that you see on most blogs can vary in range in terms of how long each piece of content is.

I've seen anything from just 100 to 300 words for short posts to your long form posts which range from 1000 words on up and that could extend itself to 3000, 5000 or even more words in a given post.

Typically, when you get to content of that length, the advice you would commonly receive is to section the post into a series or just turn it into an eBook that you can give away to build up a mailing list rather than write an entire post that long in length.

While that may be the more common advice, there's nothing definitive that says that you can't write extremely lengthy posts or that there's anything wrong with it. It's really a personal preference since there is no set outcome good or bad as to what happens if you decide to write an overwhelmingly long post.

From my perspective though, the longer the better. Overvalue instead of undervalue so if you write more, give yourself a pat on the back.. it's certainly not the norm.

For those that stick to something more common which is going to be a post under 500 words, realize that it is being encouraged more and more to write beyond that length. I'd imagine the reason for that is because, when "everyone" is doing it, the behavior isn't that unique anymore, so even though this answer isn't about standing out, let me just add this because it's related in it's context.. take the road less traveled.

If you are blogging and as you've asked. are concerned about your blog length, just start practicing and doing what most are not and write longer posts. However with that said, focus on value and not so much a "set" word length. It's not meant to sound like a contradiction, but moreso for you to understand that people respond better to value and value often times in writing aligns well with length.

Value from my perspective is lots of content focused on your topic, images and media if possible too. These things all combined will lead to a fairly comprehensible post that you'll be proud to publish and that others will take a greater interest in reading.

With that said, the other type of blog is your micro blog. Blog posts associated with this type of blog are very short in nature. Expect to stay within a 100 to 200 character count. Think Twitter, when you're talking about a micro blog. They are much easier blogs to write on per post, but can be harder to keep your audience focused and engaged because the content is so lightweight and requires more frequency and updating. This is likely to be true if you're in a situation where the only blog that you're maintaining happens to be a micro blog.